Bankruptcy Law and Reorganisation

Law Office Pormeister represents the interests of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings, assisting, among other things, in development of an activity plan in accordance with the client’s needs. The Law Office prepares creditor’s bankruptcy cautions to debtors, creditor’s or debtor’s bankruptcy petitions to court, also provides assistance in preparing a debtor’s reorganisation petition to court, and represents clients in all judicial instances.

Among other matters, the Law Office represents clients upon hearing of petitions in court, filing of claims (including claims for exclusion of assets from bankruptcy estate and claims for recovery of assets) and acceptance of claims in bankruptcy proceedings – both in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, as well as upon communication with a trustee in bankruptcy, at general meetings of creditors, etc.

The Law Office prepares legal analyses and provides training regarding matters related to bankruptcy law.

Telephone: +372 5660 2048