Planning and Construction Law, Real Estate

Law Office Pormeister advises clients on all legal matters related to planning and construction law and real estate. Among other things, the Law Office provides legal assistance upon acquisition and management of real estate (e.g. preparation of real estate acquisition, management, design, construction, lease, and other contracts and counselling for transactions), as well as upon transfer and division of real estate (e.g. division of joint or common property) and encumbering with restricted real rights (e.g. real servitudes, real encumbrances, right of superficies, right of pre-emption) and upon exercising the rights and obligations deriving therefrom. The Law Office assists clients in preparation of pledge agreements (including agreements on establishment of mortgage) and upon resolutions of related disputes.

The Law Office assists clients in planning procedures and construction process with preparation and adoption of plans, as well as with obtaining of decisions, permits and approvals related to commencement, performance and completion of construction activities and communicating with state and local government authorities, as well as dispute resolution in challenge proceedings and in judicial proceedings.

Law Office Pormeister prepares legal analyses and provides training on matters related to planning and construction law and real estate.

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